Favored Status


Favored Status!

Written November 29, 2010
Posted July 26, 2014
The best part of spending four days with our one-year-old grandson, Gabriel, was graduating to “favored status”!  He toddled up to me while I was cooking in the kitchen and grabbed my legs, wanting up — a miracle in itself, since we only get to see him about once a month!
Seeing this, ten-month-old Eligh, not to be outdone, made a beeline for me on all fours, pulling herself up my legs and begging to be held.
The cousins had a heated fracas (both verbally and physically) over “whose” Grammey I really was!  After enjoying the standoff for a few seconds between the two tenacious toddlers, with a glad heart and smile on my face, I picked them BOTH up, which was an immediate panacea. Does life get any better than this?Toddlers


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