Making a Beautiful World


Making a Beautiful World

I recently saw a video about a man who was going around “making his world beautiful” by touching the lives of others in small ways.  My mother-in-law and I were cared for by such a man tonight!  She fell in the Ridleys parking lot and caught herself halfway down.  While she clutched onto the car fender, I struggled to hold her up, but I was not much help.  In fact, she urgently pled with me, “Don’t help me!  Don’t help me!”  (My assistance was clearly more of a hindrance than a help!)  We were in a fine pickle!  One false move by either of us, and she would have gone all the way down, with me landing on top of her!  Suddenly, out of NOWHERE — I mean that literally — came a sweet, precious, very OBSERVANT man!

He positioned himself beneath her and pushed her all the way up, and then he kept her steady while she shuffled to the car door.  He helped her get into the car and closed the door.  I thanked him profusely and asked God (aloud) to BLESS him!  I could tell he could not understand a single word I said.  While I was trying to talk to him, he walked away … but not completely away!  He walked to the other side of the car and began to unload all of my groceries from the cart into the back seat!!!  I stood there stunned!

“Mucho gracias!” I said to this non-English-speaking angel of a man – the only Spanish phrase I know.  “De nada,” he said over his shoulder as he walked away, smiling.   We couldn’t have a meaningful conversation, but “making the world beautiful” is the same in every language.


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