White Space


White Space

1)  We made the final decision; retirement is on the horizon.

2)  The Campbells are moving to another state.  

3)  The Thompsons are moving to another country.  

4)  An intense and rewarding children’s ministry has come to an end.  

Did I say “Retirement”?  Why now?  And now what?

Four major life changes converged within a two-week period, threatening to shake my very foundation. My head is still spinning!  Almost every shred of identity – gone in one fell swoop! 

I am clearly on the precipice of something new.

It isn’t “easy” being on the precipice of something new.  We like the status quo, right? 

It’s, well, “comfortable” when our story doesn’t change.  We do like to take the pen away from the Author of our script occasionally and insert our own “benign” punctuation, don’t we!  

For instance … 

… we like commas. We like to “just keep on going” because it feels safe, familiar, and “comfortable.” (There’s that word again!) 

But God may want to insert a period and say, “It is time to stop.”  And when that period is found at the end of a chapter, what comes next? 

White space! 

White space??? Could it be that God has penned a period for me … and has lifted His celestial quill… 

… to give me white space at the end of a season? 

… to give me quality time to seek Him for the contents of the next chapter? 

I can almost hear Him whisper, “Pause. Wait. Listen. You’ve been going … and doing … going … and doing … going … and doing. Let me give you a period as you step into the white space of faith, as did my servant Abraham.” 

“And Abraham went, not knowing where He was going. Only that He needed to obey for the promise…” Hebrews 11:8. 

Abraham trusted his Father, knowing that He had penned the final period of Abraham’s former life. 

With unwavering faith, Abraham moved forward, past the white space and into the next chapter of his life. 

“As I went before Abraham, I will go before you. Behold, I will do a new thing. Trust Me.” 

And so … I am “soon-to-be” still – very still.  Retirement. 

The din will cease. 

I will hear. And I will obey. 

And He will turn the page.


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