Antidote to Discouragement


One of Satan’s greatest weapons against God’s people is discouragement. Just this week, the Lord penetrated my iron-clad brain and scale-covered eyes to see a truth that has been eluding me. What do we do when we find ourselves in a sea of discouragement? CAPITALIZE on it and let it PROPEL us forward!

I finally GET it!

When we focus on all that He is doing in the lives of people around us, when we immerse ourselves in His Word, when we make time to work on something we enjoy, and when we listen to uplifting music … well, it’s impossible to think about that thing that is dragging us down.

It dawned on me today that I haven’t thought about “my” thing most of the week! I almost had to strain to remember what it was! A concept that I’ve heard about for years has miraculously moved from intellectual assent to experiential assent! It IS possible to live above the waves of a dampened spirit!

Try it … and watch the devil run!


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