Do you feel like the breath has been knocked out of you today?  Are you numb with emotion?  Stunned with the state of affairs in your life right now?  Did you know that, though the Lord is clearly attentive to that thing that just went wrong, He is far more interested in seeing your RESPONSE to that thing that just went wrong?

It all boils down to, “Do you trust Him or not?”  Remember that others have walked before you, and many have suffered similarly — and they survived.  You can too.  So, when things seem to be spinning out of control, look around.  He is there.  This personal God of ours has a compassionate nature — He will not turn away from a broken and contrite heart.  He will NOT let this thing swallow you whole, and He WILL give you strength to endure if you hold onto Him.

Practically speaking … get on that treadmill and RUN!  Run, run, and run some more.  Expel those “feel-bad” toxins from your body.

(They will make you sick if you don’t.)

Cry and shout if you have to.

Punch a pillow if necessary.

And then, after all that, when you’re ready to collapse, melt into His arms and bear your soul through prayer.

He longs to hear your heart, though He knows it anyway.

Then, beloved friend … REST.

Listen to some calming music.

Let Him sing songs of deliverance over you.

Read a Psalm …

… and breathe again.

Praying Woman


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