Who Wants a Permanently Wrinkled Face?

If someone tells you advertising doesn’t work, don’t believe him! I don’t relish ironing, but if an article of clothing is wrinkled, I WILL bite the bullet and run a hot iron over it. Today, I chose to wear a top that had become a tad bit crumpled simply from hanging in the closet. As I eyeballed it critically, I decided to give it a once-over with the iron before heading out the door. But the minute I sat down in the car … with horror … I was faced with a dilemma.
“Oh, no … SEATBELT!!!”
I have to admit that the thought DID cross my mind to NOT buckle up — just this once — dismissing the fact that it IS the law.
“I’m not going that far!” I reasoned.
But … BAM! Immediately an old commercial from the 1960’s popped into my head. It was Granny Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies. Remember her?

granny clampett

I could see her face and hear her crotchety little-old-lady voice as clearly as if she had been sitting in the passenger seat.
She scolded, “I’d rather have a wrinkled dress than a permanently wrinkled face!” Where on earth did THAT come from??? I hadn’t thought of Granny in decades … but from the dark recesses of my mind, her sharp rebuke came bounding back to me!
Without a second thought, I threw vanity to the wind and flung the strap over my freshly-ironed top and fastened it securely! After all, who in their right mind wants a “permanently wrinkled face”?
Then I had to chuckle to myself. Isn’t it interesting that Granny’s relic of a refrain packed a more powerful punch than the more contemporary slogan: “Buckle Up. It’s the Law.”
Hmmmm. Okay, so now you know that I do have rebel tendencies.
But there is one thing of which I am now convinced: Advertising works!


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