I Want to See Heaven!

Several families sat around the living room of our dear friends, Harold and Rosemary Short, that hot summer evening of 1986. Rosemary served refreshments during the icebreaker before Bible study would begin. We were to take turns sharing the “one place” we would like to see. I think my husband quipped, “The backs of my eyelids,” producing polite giggles from everyone. Others named places like Disneyland, Hawaii, etc. My answer was “Israel.”

But it was a ten-year-old boy’s answer that broke the rhythm and elicited sighs of concurrence from everyone present. His answer? “Heaven.”

A few weeks later, on the first day of school, that little boy’s dream would come to fruition, and he would behold his Savior Jesus face-to-face.

THIS first day of school, several decades later, we are celebrating 29 years of Ryan’s residency in that place he wanted to see! What paintings has that budding artist created? With his perfectly-pitched voice, what new songs have sprung from his heart? What new moves has our little breakdancer learned while frolicking around God’s throne all these years? And he has surely met some of his heroes by now:

Noah, Moses and David … and his favorite short guy, Zacchaeus! Oh, what joy fills my heart today as I ponder all these things and realize that Ryan is in our future even more than he is in our past!

God’s amazing grace is a remarkable thing! I praise Him with all my heart, mind, body, and soul!!!  See you soon, Buddy Boy!  Your mama loves you.



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