It’s Better to Light a Candle


Clouds can sometimes shroud the light … if we let them.

Watching my formerly hardworking, hard playing, outreaching husband suffer with a chronic illness has been heart-wrenching to say the least. The sinister claws of this dark, dank disease have thrust us into a thick, black, soupy fog — an enemy to our souls that tempts us to despair.

For three years, we have broached every possible avenue to aid in his healing. This special diet and that. This prescription and that. One well-meaning friend after the other with this “miracle cure” and that.

All to no avail.

Though he has occasional spurts of “semi-rallying,” my sweet man, for the most part, continues to languish on his sick bed most days.

The epitome of discouragement and helplessness. Oh, how I have cursed the darkness!

But the Lord reminded me in John 8:12 that it is better to light a candle than it is to curse the darkness

… for our hope is in Him – the One who is the Light of the world!

So in those moments of despair (which still surface their beastly heads from time to time), we depend on Him, our Mighty God Who sees every tear — Who hears every cry.

He is not oblivious to our pain.

Rather, He has a purpose in our pain.

Namely, Philippians 1:12, if nothing else.

And so we proceed on this earthly journey

where trials and tribulation abound …

and where we depend on Him to strike His Celestial Match

and ignite a flame of hope in our dampened, battle-worn spirits…

because we cannot do it ourselves.

So my guy and I keep forging ahead,

knowing that God’s Spirit, who has been born in us, is our comfort and strength.

And in this Father-filtered malady –-


especially in this Father-filtered malady —

may we be reflectors of His Luminous Light … even in overcast skies.


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