I’m convinced the earth is spinning faster these days!  Confining limits wreak havoc with our best laid plans!  We try our hand at being Superwoman, and we mess up.  Countless voices cry out.  We disappoint.  Our to-do list looms like an oppressive giant seeking to devour us … and it is never wiped clean.

Life happens.

We can’t do it all … nor can we be all things to all people.  This pie has only a few pieces.

When we are honest about our limitations, something supernatural happens.  Our Comforter stands ready to help.

We don’t have to fake having it all together.  It’s okay to admit our weaknesses to Him and to others when we run into difficulties.  I did that the other night.  It was a tad bit humbling, somewhat embarrassing and unexpected, but oh so refreshing and liberating!  (There’s nothing like the safety of a group of praying friends!)

Our loving Father has promised to remain with us through every “impossible” circumstance.  What better time for Him to show His power!

We don’t have to be afraid.

We just have to know that He is doing a work in us … always.

Sometimes He calms the storm.  Sometimes He calms His child.


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