The “Book of Acts” Continues – He is Risen Indeed!

Do we serve a living and active God, or what???

Yesterday’s rehearsal for the upcoming Passion Pantomime by our children’s theater group, The Book of Acts, was replete with challenges !  First, we had issues with our CD. (My computer kept spitting it out!) We all gathered together and prayed. The CD never did work; but, by God’s grace, we were able to bring the soundtrack up on iTunes, and the kids saw an answered prayer!  (God sighting #1!)

Then, my co-director (who is having serious health problems) was not feeling well, but she came to rehearsal anyway (because that’s just the kind of person she is). In the midst of the rehearsal, she became breathless and told us something was wrong. The children and adult stagehands surrounded her, laid hands on her and prayed.  God revealed His power yet again, and she was able to finish the rehearsal.  (God sighting #2!)

Finally, something went REALLY haywire with our tracks on iTunes. (I’ll spare you the sordid details; but suffice it to say, it threw us for a LOOP!) Our normally-active-and- wiggly-and-very-high-energy group of kids was absolutely amazing as we frantically worked through it.  God graciously provided a person with “iTunes know-how,” and we came up with a quick “Plan B.”  (God sighting #3!)

It became clear to us that the enemy was doing everything he could to thwart our plans to present the life, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, BUT GOD…! (My favorite way to end a bummer sentence!) He showed up BIG TIME! The kids went on to have the best rehearsal I have ever witnessed this far in advance of a production!

The biggest blessing to come out of all of this was being able to witness our little actors personally experiencing a God who is actively involved with what they are doing! My prayer is that what the youngsters saw yesterday will boost their faith and spur them on to GREATER trust as they continue to grow in Him!  When they pass through the waters, may they remember this day and know He is with them and that He will never allow the rivers to overflow them!

And may that be a reminder to us “oldsters,” too!

Glory to His Name … the Name above all names!



Cost:  FREE!

Location: The Springs Calvary Chapel, 1430 17th Street, Heyburn, ID  83336

Phone: 208-679-0079




2 thoughts on “The “Book of Acts” Continues – He is Risen Indeed!

  1. What an awesome testimony to his unending faithfulness. This is truly an example of obedient discipleship and his word that sY”in all thy ways..”.


    • It was quite a special day for all of us, Sylvia Lu! I’m trusting the kids will never forget the things God did for us that day! 😀


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