Do You Know Jesus?

Last week at VBS, I had a chance to recount for the kiddos something I had experienced as I stood in line at a checkout counter some time ago. A little boy (whom I had never seen before) had tapped me on the arm while waiting in line. As I bent low to give him my full attention, He inquired with wide-eyed curiosity, “Do you know Jesus?” Every cell of my body melted into a puddle on the floor! (I wanted to sweep him up and take him home with me!)

That mama had taught her little boy a life principle that some adults have yet to learn. Nothing about our life is small. Every day we brush against people in allegorical “check-out lines” who will live forever in heaven or hell … and we contain in our feeble human hearts the God of the universe Who holds the key to their eternity!

All we need to do is step out of our precious comfort zones. If we know Christ personally, our lives — even in the most mundane moments — are full of possibility, potentiality, and promise, and can make a powerful impact in the lives of others … because the Spirit of Glory lives inside of us … and because people are yearning for peace, pardon, and purpose!

Let’s open the floodgates and let Him spill out of us! Let’s be brave! Let’s love large! Let’s seize those seemingly meaningless moments and make our lives count … just like that little boy!


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