Where have all the wasps gone?



I remember complaining about the weather we had endured the spring of 2011.

Later that summer, I commented to Warren that I hadn’t noticed any wasps.  Usually, we were tormented by them every time we sat on our deck.

Warren’s explanation for the missing wasps?  “The cold, wet spring.”

After that conversation, I had my morning devotion from Streams in the Desert.

Here is what I read:

Music of the Storm

“Nevertheless afterward” (Heb. 12:11).

There is a legend that tells of a German baron who, at his castle on the Rhine, stretched wires from tower to tower, that the winds might convert them into an Aeolian harp. And the soft breezes played about the castle, but no music was born. But one night there arose a great tempest, and hill and castle were smitten by the fury of the mighty winds. The baron went to the threshold to look out upon the terror of the storm, and the Aeolian harp was filling the air with strains that rang out even above the clamor of the tempest. It needed the tempest to bring out the music!

And have we not known men whose lives have not given out any entrancing music in the day of a calm prosperity, but who, when the tempest drove against them have astonished their fellows by the power and strength of their music?

Rain, rain

Beating against the pane!

How endlessly it pours

Out of doors

From the blackened sky

I wonder why!

Flowers, flowers,

Upspringing after showers,

Blossoming fresh and fair,


Ah, God has explained

Why it rained!

You can always count on God to make the “afterward” of difficulties, if rightly overcome, a thousand times richer and fairer than the forward. “No chastening… seemeth joyous, nevertheless afterward… What a yield!”


If someone were inclined to write poetry, it would be fun to see the flower stanza turned into a wasp stanza!  Any takers on that???

Because I enjoyed the freedom of sitting on my deck without distress that summer, I could have said most heartily, “Thank you, God, for the dreadful spring!  Forgive me for whining!  I don’t like wasps more than I don’t like cold, wet springs!  Teach me to be content and to trust You more!”


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