Going Batty!


Where is my friend Jayna when a girl needs her??? Some of you may recall how cool, calm, and collected she was when she ever-so-gently scooped up a bat that had decided to pay a visit to their SLEEPING baby’s nursery, while her husband Matt quietly filmed the serene “capture and release” from the sidelines, without so much as a whisper between them.  Astounding to me was the fact that their sweet baby slumbered peacefully through the entire incident!

Well, it was quite a different story at my house tonight!  We had a winged intruder, and I will confess, right up front, that I am not near the woman Jayna is! (Ask my sister Brenda who was on the phone with me at the time!)

Warren trapped the bat four different times, but that beast escaped through the net’s holes with ease three of the four times! And each time he escaped, my outbursts became more heightened and intense! I flapped around the room shrieking, while Houdini made sport of dive bombing at me!

In the midst of the chaos, Warren screamed (in order to be heard above my outbursts) “HAND ME THE PAPER! HAND ME THE PAPER!!!” So, in a panicked state, I looked around and handed him “a” paper.

Bad move!  It was the wrong paper.

(I have never been good at reading minds — especially in a state of emergency!)

When Warren captured the flying foe the fourth time, he blocked the holes with the paper and yelled, “OPEN THE DOOR! OPEN THE DOOR!”

Well, I was scared to open the door because I knew that bat was gunning for me; but from somewhere deep within arose the courage to do so.

Boy! Was I relieved when my hero husband released that flying rodent into the night sky, never to be seen again.

Suffice it to say that, had Matt been filming OUR incident, it would have been quite a different story!

And had there been a sleeping baby???

Well … that snoozing infant would have been good and awake by now!


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