Why I Teach

Contentment Song2

(Here we are, beginning our day with calisthenics.)

I came across the following article that I wrote two years ago — my last year of teaching.  It reminds me of why I chose to teach.

“Hopefully, some great learning took place in my classroom today … but two really cool things happened that had absolutely nothing to do with Common Core standards!

1) During first period, one of my boys came up to me and sheepishly asked if it would be okay for him to read the Bible during silent reading time in my class. He pulled out his Bible and showed it to me, holding it with great care. It smelled new, and some of the pages were sticking together. I could tell he was excited to start reading it. What a sweet, tender moment that was in my day (and hopefully his). I told him ‘yes’ with a great big smile on my face … and the Lord was surely smiling, too.

2) I was invited to lunch by the home-ec class. My young “chefs” were four 8th-grade boys. One boy extended his arm and escorted me to the table, pulling out the chair for me, and scooting it in as I sat down.  The other three busied themselves with bringing menu items to the table and serving up the plates. THEN … after our plates were loaded and everyone was seated, they asked me if we should ask the blessing. (Other students and their guests were already gobbling up their food.) I smiled and said, “Whatever you guys want to do.” They looked at each other and bravely said, “Let’s pray.” So one of the boys did … and it was no short prayer!  I’m glad they somehow knew that would be important to me.

As the world grows uglier and uglier, my little world at East Minico Middle School just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter … and I’m fairly confident that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

Moments like these were the real reasons I chose to teach.


I miss these little notes kids used to write to me on the board.  Here is a phrase that I (an ENGLISH teacher!) used to say to my students.  Jake got me back!  🙂


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