Are You Being Righteous?


I’ve been hearing phrases like, “She is ‘worthy’ to ______” (fill it in).

Or, “I hope they are being “righteous.”

Hmmm. Where does that come from?

The Bible says no one other than Jesus Christ is “worthy” (Revelation 5:4).

It also says in Romans 3:10 that “There is none righteous, no not one.”

And Isaiah 64:6 says that all of our so-called righteous deeds are like “filthy rags.”

So much for our own goodness.

That is a problem.

And that is exactly why Jesus came!

He actually *became* that ugly sin of ours when He died for each one of us on Calvary and took the penalty we deserve (2 Corinthians 5:21).

When we place our faith and trust 100% in Christ’s work on the Cross — not in our own works or in our church affiliation — and ask Him to help us turn from our old way of life, He forgives us, clothes us in HIS righteousness, and transforms us into His image, day-by-day.

No good work or church affiliation could ever do that for us.

I have decided to start speaking up in love when I hear the two phrases mentioned at the beginning of this post. People need to know that 100% of the debt we owed (eternal punishment) has been paid by Christ’s work on the Cross.

Christ + NOTHING = Eternity in Heaven.

There is none righteous, except One.

A young woman named Jochelle understood that.

Won’t you receive Him today?  Trust ONLY in Him, turn from your sin, and invite Him into your life.

There is NO “one true church” except for the “church” made up of believers all over the world who have trusted only in the God-man, Christ Jesus.

If one is trusting in a church to earn favor with God, or trusting in his/her own “worthiness” or “righteousness,” that one will sorely miss the mark

…………. for eternity.

And that is a long ………….

………….long ………….



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