Ebony and Ivory


After fifty-plus spins around the sun, ebony and ivory and I are together again!

1964 — the year of my first very real broken heart.

My parents divorced.

Dad disappeared.  Mom moved away.

Life was drama-free in foster care …

but I longed for a piano.  It was in my blood.  And I grieved.

Months earlier, I had stood with streaming tears and body wracking sobs,

watching “the men” roll my beloved piano out the door …

and out of my life.

My heart split open and sorrow spilled out.

Twelve years old — and the death blow of a thwarted dream ripped at my soul with razor-sharp claws.

But God, in His profound mercy, had a plan.  A remarkable plan!

Because that’s just how He is.

He first brought me into a vivid, personal, overpowering relationship with Jesus Christ … and then He filled my threshing floor full of grain until the vats overflowed with new wine and oil (Joel 2:24).

He deftly restored to me the years the creeping, stripping, gnawing locust had eaten.

And among the “restored” was a piano (for my daughters, because I was too busy to practice),  but I had a piano!

Though I didn’t take up playing again, I enjoyed the art vicariously through my girls.

Now, however — albeit five decades later — I have both a piano and time — His gift to me!

And I will praise the name of the Lord my God who has dealt wondrously with me (Joel 2:26)!

Now … every note I play is my song unto Him … my gift in return.

Ebony and ivory …

and a restored little girl … with a heart full of praise!

Joel 2:24-26 and Psalm 40:1-3


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