Speak His Name

11425212_10206847017603018_2846635866596509018_nThe Apostle Paul said that he was gripped by the love of God and that is why he acted as he did. People could perceive him as mad or sane—he did not care.

There was only one thing he lived for—to persuade people of the coming judgment of God and to tell them of “the love of Christ.”
~Oswald Chambers

Praying all our hearts will burn with passion for Him today and that He will give us opportunities to not “JUST” do good, but to speak words of life into others (WHILE doing good).

Without the words, we are merely “doing good” in our own name — the “social” gospel — and that breaks God’s heart.

May we capitalize on the “good” He gives us to do by speaking the name of Jesus to those He puts in our paths to help today!


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