I Stand in Awe


I don’t know how He does it! I just know He does!

Two speaking engagements in one week — right on the heels of Thanksgiving, birthday parties, houseguests, hand injury, college class, minor surgery, AND home repairs (which required the moving of furniture and boxing of “stuff”) — all of which resulted in a bit of disequilibrium!

I have never been this “unprepared” this close to a deadline!  When a bit of the furor had subsided, and I realized that time was a’ticking, I sat down to put it together.

But I was FROZEN!  Nothing came! I mean NADA!  

My communication with God felt strained. There was a “blockage” of some sort!

I prayed.

I confessed.

I tried again … to no avail.  Not just silence, but deafening silence!

Then I started to freak out a bit.  (Yep! I’ve been known to do that!)

Giving up around midnight, I fell asleep. I tackled it again the next morning with a bit of fear and trepidation … but something “magical” had happened …

except I don’t believe in magic.   I believe in God!

I cannot take an ounce of credit for what happened next. This Holy One I serve continues to astound me in the most remarkable ways!

The keyboard was set ablaze by His Sprit as verses and principles pummeled like pearly pellets!  Within a couple of hours, the skeletal framework (which I had prepared some time ago) was filled with meat — LOTS of good, hearty meat!

My spirit spun somersaults as my fingers frolicked their way to the final point.

And I stood in awe … in awe of Him … once again!


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