Common Core and “Chantilly Lace”


The air is thick with tension. It is fifth hour — two hours after lunch — and Mrs. Snyder’s students (who are as sleepy as she is) are practicing with TAXING Common Core “expository reading” and “evidence finding.” Hearts are heavy-laden and burdened with the pressure. We can cut the air with a knife.

Mrs. Snyder sits at her desk, scoring papers, while the students strain their tired little brains with this high-level reading activity. Her heart goes out to them because they really are giving it their “all.”

That is when Mrs. Snyder gets a hair-brained idea:

Since the bell will ring soon, it is time to liven the place up!

She secretly goes onto YouTube and types in “1950’s music” (because the lyrics are sure to be “safe”). She finds a link, cranks up the volume, and hits “play” — not knowing which golden oldie is going to grace their ears.

Suddenly, out of the speakers comes nothing but a loud, DEEP male voice — no music:

“HELLLLL-O, BAAAABY!!!  (Yes, it was “Chantilly Lace.”)

…surprising Mrs. Snyder more than anyone — and then the wild music cuts loose and shatters the walled silence!

Kids look up, stunned at first by the booming voice, wondering who on earth had just stepped into the room.

Then, once the music starts, and they get over the shock, the atmosphere rocks with hilarity — some of the more sanguine students jump out of their seats to dance!

Mrs. Snyder is bent over with laughter, recalling the astonished expressions, tears streaming from her eyes.

Mrs. Snyder still laughs today, remembering that moment!

She wonders if her students remember.

Life is just way too serious sometimes, don’t you think?


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