Superman Goes to the Supermarket


You know you live in a good place when you’re aimlessly wandering around the Walmart parking lot (in a nearby town) –bordering panic mode because your car is NOT! Where. You. LEFT! It!

… when suddenly a faceless voice speaks forth from the array of vehicles.

You whirl around to identify the source, and there stands your neighbor (from your town — “the other town”) …

like a knight on a white steed …

or like the Lone Ranger …

or maybe even like Superman …

speaking these words of comfort:

“It’s over there—>!” pointing south.

Your eager eye follows his finger and you indeed catch a glimpse of your car, subtly tucked away … “over there” … to the south … just as he said!

You regain your composure, profusely express your gratitude, and scurry southward toward your carriage, slip in, and drive away … (wondering how on earth he even knew you were having a problem) …

One can only thank God!

Thank Him for good people in a fine community in a grand state in the greatest country in the whole wide world …

a place where you can run into your neighbor from the next town over

the neighbor who knows exactly what is happening, even though you didn’t know he was there …

the neighbor who knows what your car looks like …

and the neighbor who can point you straight to it!

I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else on earth!

(Things happen to me in parking lots!  For other parking lot escapades, see “A Beautiful World” and “Turkey Trot.”)


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