Valentine’s Day Surprise

Two days ago, my husband came home early from work — serendipitous for me because my love language is “quality time.”

It didn’t surprise me, though, because, after all, it WAS Valentine’s Day!

However, I thought it was odd that he didn’t bring the usual card or box of chocolates, but then I thought, “He knows how I feel about cards.” (They are a waste of money in my opinion.) And also, “He knows I’m cutting sugar out of my diet,” so I was glad he didn’t bring home tempting goodies!

We had an unhurried dinner and a nice conversation! I was on Cloud 9! Then he said, “Why don’t we watch a movie? I’ll make some popcorn!” So we did.

I thought to myself as I snuggled next to him during the movie, “This is the BEST Valentine’s Day ever!!!”

After the movie and before going to bed, we did our usual “look-through-Facebook-posts routine.” We scrolled through status after status of photos with flowers and frills and beautifully decorated table settings … and friends talking about love.

The color drained from his face and he gasped in horror, “Is THIS Valentine’s Day???”

I looked at him in disbelief!

“Doing life” with my guy is a hoot — most of the time anyway!

For in his mind, EVERY day is Valentine’s Day!



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