Marked by His Grace


Here is Bekah’s reaction to the incident I wrote about last week.

We got home yesterday to the mess that we were in the middle of on Wednesday. Charlie had cleaned up the blood and had the refrigerator back in place (and anchored), but aside from that, everything was just as messy as things get when you’re in the middle of life and have to leave abruptly. I swept Wednesday’s dirt off the floor, loaded Wednesday’s dishes into the dishwasher. I did everything else possible to avoid doing what I was in the middle of when the accident happened. I had been in the middle of changing over the kombucha when Hadi asked me if she could put the juice away. I said yes and kept going with my process. She said there wasn’t room, so I told her to go ahead and put it in the new fridge. Immediately, I saw a picture of the fridge falling over. So I put the kombucha down, and went and opened the door myself, all the way, making sure that it wouldn’t actually fall. When I saw that it was stable, I returned to my process, my back to my babies, and heard the crash.

So as I picked up where I left off in the process yesterday, I had to really question myself–“okay, was there any thought or picture that just came into my mind that I need to heed before continuing on in this busy-ness?” The night we had in the hospital, I was so tormented. Any time I was about to drift off to sleep, an image of the fridge falling and crushing both Hadi and Jonny came in my mind.

I prayed every time, Phil 4:8, asking God to show me what was true, honorable, etc… and fix my mind on that. And He was so fast to answer that with a picture of two angels–one catching the fridge on his back, absorbing most of the weight and blow that would’ve landed on Hadi, and another one that scooted Jonny out of the way. Her new left hand is going to be the most beautiful thing about her now–she is forever marked with the graciousness of God, His mighty, powerful, loving and saving hand.

Just two weeks ago, I was sideswiped on the interstate, and I came away from with with only a few dents and scratches to my car. No doubt God had angels there, too–but I’m able to forget about that, or even dismiss it, because I didn’t have to see just how close I actually came to real harm.

So, to answer my question– I probably will have more warnings in my heart that I’ll be willing to risk in the name of getting stuff done. I pray I let that voice get louder and my drive for “powering through” chills out, but even if it doesn’t, we are so cared for and protected by a loving God, who, in spite of our absolute ignorance, will keep us safe until our actual time has come. ❤️

Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed and called upon other people to pray for us. We are so well taken care of.

~Rebekah (Hadi’s mama)

Back to me now (the grandma):  Hadi saw her hand for the first time since the accident, as her fingers were being re-dressed today.  She looked at her fingers and mused aloud, “They aren’t that short.”  What a beautiful little spirit!  She is already magnifying the Lord and impacting lives through her experience.  Hadi is indeed “Marked by His Grace.”


2 thoughts on “Marked by His Grace

    • To God be the glory, Susan! ALL the glory! He has carried our Campbell kids through this heartache with dignity and grace! Thank you for your kind words (and David’s)! We serve a mighty God … and may it continue for generations to come, should the Lord tarry!


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