Beauty Beyond the Blustering Billows



While sitting in my safe and sunny corner this morning with the Word of God and my “Be Still” coffee cup, I poured out my burdens before the Lord.

So many issues swirling around in my head — deep concerns, serious concerns for people I love!

Concerns that are completely out of my control!

Do you ever feel profusely powerless? What a great place to be!

I can’t tell you what God “did” do in answer to my pleas, but I can tell you what He “didn’t” do! 

He didn’t fix anything — at least not in that moment … BUT … He led me to Nahum 3:1:  “The Lord is in the whirlwind and the storm.”

Through His Word, He told me, “I am in the storm!”  He’s not up above somewhere in the wild blue yonder “watching” us be in the storm.  I will repeat.  He is in the storm with us!  How comforting is that???

Henry Beecher aptly stated, “Fear not the stormy tempest that is at this moment sweeping through your life. A blessing is in the storm, and there will be a rich fruitage in the ‘afterward.’”

Do we not appreciate the beauty of the landscape after a rainstorm passes through the valley? I surely do!

So why not just lean into it and trust Him to “have His way,” knowing that beauty lies beyond the tempest.

He didn’t say it would be easy, but He did say it would be possible (in Christ).

So let’s believe Him! Let’s just buck up, ride the storm, and remain faithful. What else can we do?

Let’s take a lesson from the eagle.  What does it do when it encounters a fierce storm? It takes advantage of it and actually uses the blustering billows to buoy itself up to higher heights! (That is one smart critter!!!)

And so … rest … for the Lord is indeed in your storm … and there is beauty beyond!

I’m taking that to the “bank” — my Bank of Hope — and I’m depositing it!

Right here. Right now!

And I’m hoping you will too!

Glory to His Name!


4 thoughts on “Beauty Beyond the Blustering Billows

  1. This is wonderful Michele, as I have had a stormy week and God has truly been with me inside the storm! To Him is the glory. Thank you again for sharing. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad it helped, Dianne. I’m sorry you’ve had a hard week, but it is a comfort knowing He is “in” the storm with us. How do people get along without him? Thanks so much for commenting! I will be praying for you! ❤


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