Marked by His Grace

Here is Bekah’s reaction to the incident I wrote about last week. We got home yesterday to the mess that we were in the middle of on Wednesday. Charlie had cleaned up the blood and had the refrigerator back in place (and anchored), but aside from that, everything was just as messy as things get […]

Lost ‘n’ Found

Have you ever lost a valuable item?  What a sinking feeling!  Especially when it’s MIA for a long period of time!   I had been in search of a “treasure” for nearly three weeks, having prayed DOZENS of times that it would surface — to no avail! I didn’t relish the thought of the small fortune it would […]

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Two days ago, my husband came home early from work — serendipitous for me because my love language is “quality time.” It didn’t surprise me, though, because, after all, it WAS Valentine’s Day! However, I thought it was odd that he didn’t bring the usual card or box of chocolates, but then I thought, “He knows […]

More of Him; Less of Me

Photo A                                                                                                           […]

Superman Goes to the Supermarket

You know you’re in a good place when you’re aimlessly wandering around the Walmart parking lot (in a nearby town) –bordering panic mode because your car is NOT! Where. You. LEFT! It! … when suddenly a faceless voice speaks forth from the array of vehicles. You whirl around to identify the source, and there stands […]