Culture Collision

  “One of the sad characteristics of life on this planet in the 21st century is that we have all gotten more tribal. Under stress, we shrink backward into groups just like us. This is bad news for America’s eternally strained racial environment. The Black Lives Matter movement cannot imagine why anyone could disagree with […]

Carp Diem

A little boy whom I had never seen before tapped me on the arm while I stood in line at the market. “Miss?” I bent low, giving him my full attention as he inquired with wide-eyed curiosity: “Do you know Jesus?” Every cell of my body melted into a puddle!  I wanted to sweep that sweet […]

In the Dumps?

Depression isn’t a normal emotion for me, but I’ve had my share of it this week due to a recent crisis in our family.  (Read previous posts.) Depression is stifling. Not fun. Even a little bit scary. Why are you cast down, O my soul? and why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God: […]

The Suffering of His Son

(Please read “Tribute to Tyler” before reading this if you haven’t done so already.) I spoke with my daughter Kirsten this morning. She was crying. I listened. We cried together. She said she didn’t know why Tyler had had to struggle for so many years with multiple health problems. She was sorrowing not just over his […]

Hosea – Hard Stuff/Happy Stuff!

Making the most of a tough teaching — God’s judgment! The book of Hosea is not for the faint of heart … and, of all the studies I’ve taught, this one (to my surprise) had the highest attendance, most consistently! These faithful attendees weren’t scared away by the content! Were we uncomfortable at times?  Yes! […]

What Kind of Love?

What kind of person can keep on loving and keep on giving while being spurned and shunned? That’s what we see happening between the Prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer. That’s what we see happening between God and Israel. And that’s what we see happening between God and us.  It’s easy to be critical of […]

My Testimony – 40 Years Later

Desiring to celebrate my 40th anniversary of walking with Jesus, I revisited the place where I had first met Him (on June 6, 1977).  I had planned to sit on the steps outside the church and reminisce with Him, but serendipity awaited! The door to the building was OPEN and the muted resonance of friendly […]