Live Peaceably, if Possible

There is nothing worse than knowing I have offended someone.  I would much rather be the “offendEE” than the “offendER”! I like it that this verse says “If possible…”  It is not always possible to mend fences with an offended brother or sister, but “so far as it depends on me,” I want to do […]

More of Him; Less of Me

Photo A                                                                                                           […]

… as You Were Comforted

The world is full of comfortless hearts. I’ve been there. Do you ever wonder why you are passing through some special sorrow? You must pass through afflictions if you are to be useful vessels and make an impact in the lives of others. So, in a sense, your own life becomes the “hospital ward” where […]

Ebony and Ivory

After fifty-plus spins around the sun, ebony and ivory and I are together again! 1964 — the year of my first very real broken heart. My parents divorced. Dad disappeared.  Mom moved away. Life was drama-free in foster care … but I longed for a piano.  It was in my blood.  And I grieved. Months […]

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Sugar!

  The first thing to go wrong that morning was that we slept in.  Big mistake on a Sunday morning when you have three preschoolers and yourself to prepare for church!  Suffice it to say that a stream of problems ensued from that point on. The trouble turned my stomach into gnarly knots and tempted […]

Where have all the wasps gone?

  I remember complaining about the weather we had endured the spring of 2011. Later that summer, I commented to Warren that I hadn’t noticed any wasps.  Usually, we were tormented by them every time we sat on our deck. Warren’s explanation for the missing wasps?  “The cold, wet spring.” After that conversation, I had my […]