Strangely Dim

Some of my friends and I are doing a study called Healed and Set Free, by Tammy Brown.  It has to do with inducing healing by lancing the wounds of the past in order to let out the poisons. Past. I remember the pain of dealing with past hurts in a study years ago called […]

Formidable Foes

Sometimes it feels like we are being crushed under the weight of our circumstances, burned by the fire, devoured by the lions, and gouged by the thorn! That’s when we need to remember the Hebrew children who were calm and composed because of their faith in God, in the midst of the torturous chamber of […]

Honor the Aged

You shall rise up before the gray-headed and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the LORD. ~ Leviticus 19:32 Every other week, folks from New Life Assembly gather to honor the aged at Countryside Care Center; and, as a daughter-in-law of one of the residents, I say thank you!  How […]

Live Peaceably, if Possible

There is nothing worse than knowing I have offended someone.  I would much rather be the “offendEE” than the “offendER”! I like it that this verse says “If possible…”  It is not always possible to mend fences with an offended brother or sister, but “so far as it depends on me,” I want to do […]

More of Him; Less of Me

Photo A                                                                                                           […]

… as You Were Comforted

The world is full of comfortless hearts. I’ve been there. Do you ever wonder why you are passing through some special sorrow? You must pass through afflictions if you are to be useful vessels and make an impact in the lives of others. So, in a sense, your own life becomes the “hospital ward” where […]