What Kind of Love?

What kind of person can keep on loving and keep on giving while being spurned and shunned? That’s what we see happening between the Prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer. That’s what we see happening between God and Israel. And that’s what we see happening between God and us.  It’s easy to be critical of […]

Vexed by Thorns!

Do you feel “hedged in”?  Unable to move forward?  Somewhat paralyzed?  Stuck???  Could it be that God has set up a hedge to protect you from going where you shouldn’t go? In Hosea 2:6-8, God promised to set a hedge of thorns on the sides of Israel’s path so it would “hurt” whenever she started […]

Amazing Love

  Upcoming Women’s Bible Study: I would love to have you join us online if you are unable to attend in person! We have a FB group and an e-mail group where I will post recorded video snippets of the study, as well as an occasional PowerPoint and other study helps.  You may access these […]

Marked by His Grace

Here is Bekah’s reaction to the incident I wrote about last week. We got home yesterday to the mess that we were in the middle of on Wednesday. Charlie had cleaned up the blood and had the refrigerator back in place (and anchored), but aside from that, everything was just as messy as things get […]